Doh!!! A couple of months ago I went to see the diabetic doc and my A1C’s were higher than they have ever been since going on the insulin pump. The a1c is the 3 month average blood sugar and it tells you how well in control you’ve been. Well, this last time it was 7.3, I’ve never been higher than about 6.7 since I got the pump 4 years ago.  This means my average blood sugar was about 180. Normally I run about 140-145 for an average. I just chalked this up to stress and wild living.  Nothing much else has really changed, as far as I knew.

Well, today I finally purchased a new blood meter. Smaller, easier to carry, uses the same test strips, and doesn’t have a smashed screen from closing it in the door like my last one does. The meter I have been using since getting back from Scotland 8 months ago.

First thing I do is take my blood sugars with the new meter, 215. Huh? Just 30 minutes ago it was 145, per the old meter. So, I pull out the old meter and take my BS’s again. 180. Huh??? Seems my old meter says 180 and my new 215. That’s a 35 point difference. That’s a BIG difference. So, I’m wondering if my old meter has been reading low this whole time? Which would mean my actually blood sugars having been running high, just like the a1c said.

Damn it! Even when I do the right things, a bad meter can screw me up. Oh well. That’s the life of being a diabetic. Suck it up, use a new meter, and move on. Hopefully now my average blood sugars will drop down to where they are supposed to be again.  Just irritating. Try to do things right and get screwed by a bad meter.