Well, Yesterday we took the girls down Hiway 68 to Torro Park and enjoyed an afternoon at the Monterey Scottish Games. There were a lot of people in Kilts, but not many people with accents. hmmmm…..

We had fun. Roberta found a Hagis seller and enjoyed a plate of Hagis, peas, and tatties.  I stuck with the fish and chips. I’m a wimp. (-; Want to know what hagis looks like? Here ya go.


It was a pretty good time. We found a picture seller that had prints from all over Scottland, Ireland, and England. We’d find one and say “remember this place?”. As a family we miss Scotland so much. It would have  been wonderful if we could have made it there, oh well.

Here’s Molly and Nora sporting their kilts. The ones we purchased off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh before coming home.


And of course we have the teenager. The “I am NOT going to participate teenager.”