We went up to Stanford on Monday and saw Dr. Lowe.  The same Dr Lowe we thought it might be. It was a fascinating process. He sat with Roberta and I for about 30 minutes just getting a full background and a detailed list of what meds she was taking and why. What was interesting was seeing his mind tick away at the different options and possibilities. You could almost see his eyes click when he tossed an idea away as not feasable.  I’ve seen this type of behavior before with someone diagnosing a difficult problem.

No new tests or plans yet. Dr Lowe is reviewing all of the previous tests first, and having some difficulties getting them freed up from one of the other docs. So, even though we don’t have any new answers yet we are pleased to be seeing a doc that really seems to know what he’s doing and has stated that Roberta will not be passed off again. The buck stops here. And when you’re the head of a research department at Stanford University, you probably know what you’re doing.

So, still waiting, but with hope we might get some answers soon.