I contacted the Stanford Medical Center today and spoke with Joy of the general reception area. She was friendly enough but unhelpful, other than to tell me that all the appointments for Dr. Chen had been cancelled that day due to the doctor being “unavailable”. When I asked about getting an appointment sooner than 5 weeks out or seeing another doctor she told me I needed to speak with the receptionist of the Internal Medicine group and transferred me over.

Upon reaching the receptionist at the Internal Medicine/Medical Specialties Clinic, a woman  by the name of Anna, who gives a whole new meaning to useless, bureaucratic, pencil pusher. She was absolutely NO help whatsoever. When I asked why the appointment was canceled and moved she told me the doctor would be unavailable that day and the next available was on the 20th of August. When pushed on making an appointment earlier she told me if I didn’t like it the next earliest appointment would be the end of September.

When I asked to get an appointment with another doctor she told me that I couldn’t do that and that if I wanted anything changed I would have to speak with Roberta’s local referring doctor and have them contact the clinic and see if anything could be done. When pressed on this she got very testy and things went no where. They just got worse.

My friend John sent me a link to the Medical Board of California and they have a great complaint form with one section describing “Substandard Care (e.g., Misdiagnosis, Negligent Treatment, Delay in Treatment, etc.)”

Guess who’s getting an official complaint filed against them for Substandard Care? Here’s a big FU Anna! Ya wanna be a bureaucratic B%$#! I work for the government. Let’s dance.

This is the first step in a nice long “I’m Pissed now and you’re gonna pay waltz”.