The offices of Dr. Chen at the

Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Internal Medicine/Medical Specialties Clinic

300 Pasteur Drive- Boswell Building

Stanford, CA 949305

(650) 723-6961

Called today to inform Roberta that after 6 weeks of waiting, her appointment with Dr Chen was canceled and that she would now have to wait another 4 weeks for an appointment. That’s 10 weeks of waiting to find out why she is so sick and in such pain. Whether or not the tentative diagnosis of Cancer was correct and whether it had spread yet. I’m sure that waiting 10 weeks to see if the cancer had spread makes it a pretty sure thing.

The reason they gave for the cancellation, which they did via a voice mail, so mighty nice of them. Was that since Roberta was getting a Bone marrow biopsy and they would wait at least 30 days to make sure the result had come back. Ignoring the $50,000 worth of other tests that have been done so far. When Roberta got the message and called back, crying, to say it wasn’t okay to cancel the appointment she was told that they already had given the appointment time to someone else and she would have to wait no matter what. It was already a done deal.

I’ll be calling my employer, my insurance company, and any patient advocacy group I can find to try and make life as painful as I can for these pencil pushing bureaucrats as possible. If it turns out that their delay has even the slightest chance of having caused this cancer to metastasize I will do everything in my power to sue them into non existence.

This has been moved into the criminally negligent phase. If anyone knows who I can call to file an official complaint with every agency possible I would appreciate the information. I’ll start with my employer SAIC, my insurance company AETNA, and start searches for patient advocacy groups, and government oversight agencies, and with the Stanford Medical Center.

I was sick to my stomache earlier because of the futility and sense of helplessness. I’m slowly watching my wife fade away in pain and anguish and then we have the medical system pull this. I have decided to NOT be helpless. I will NOT accept this. I WILL do everything I can to make life miserable for every uncaring pencil pushing, insurance gouging, slimy bureacratically run medical institution as possible.