The Community Hospital Of the Monterey Penninsula gets 5 stars for todays work.

Today Roberta needed to go in and get a bone marrow biopsy. And no it didn’t hurt as bad as you think, it was worse. Ugh.

So, we go into CHOMP and get directions to their Comprehensive Cancer Center where the biopsy will be done. We go down and meet with the nurses and they are friendly, helpful, professional, and seem really competent. The tech level of this hospital is off the charts with rolling computers, monitors, communications, etc.

After all the crap with Stanford this morning all I want is someone to piss me off so I can go off. Instead it was the complete opposite. The nurse that took the initial blood did it without any issues at all. Quick, clean, and nearly painless. Was laughing and joking with Roberta to calm her. The main nurse came in and explained the 30 minute wait till the blood tests were done and told us about the Pathologist that would be doing the biopsy. Asked if Roberta wanted anything to drink, eat, etc. Was she comfortable, could she answer any questions. What was the history of her symptoms, what tests had she had done, etc. Showed genuine concern that it’s been 8 months of tests, almost 70 pounds of weight loss, and still no answers.

Half hour later the Pathologist comes in. Dr Szmit, talks with us, explains what’s going to happen, asks what tests and history of symptoms. Ponders that for a bit and talks to us about what it might and might not be. Tells us what the test is designed to look for and what each means overall and what is very unlikely with her symptoms etc. Very bright fellow and friendly.

He does the biopsy, details left out, just picture painful as hell.

Roberta has a reaction to the litocain and breaks out in hives and mouth and lips go numb. They give her Benadryl and monitor her closely for an hour or so just to be safe. Checking on her, chatting, and basically doing all they can to make her feel better.

Dr Szmit comes in a final time to check on her and says he will be contacting Roberta’s Oncologist via her cell phone (she’s off today) and let her know about Stanford and that he would also be calling her GP to inform him of the situation also and that something needs to be done. Whether that’s telling Stanford to go away and do something else, or do as much diagnostics and testing as possible locally until the appointment in 5 weeks.

Why can’t most medical facilites be this good?