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One of my coworkers came in earlier and made a comment about his daughter playing over at the Sunset Center this weekend and wanted to give me a heads up because he knows I like classical music. When I asked what was up he gave me a funny look and said it’s part of the Carmel Bach Festival. WHAT!?!?! When did it start??? Well, it starts on the 17th and runs through Aug 1st. I completely missed it coming up.

The Carmel Bach Festival is a week long classical music get together for some pretty big name composers, teachers, players, etc. With concerts, master classes, talks, etc all week.

It’s going to be a good time had by all (classical nerds that is.)

Well, Roberta went in for her first Oncologist appointment today. After reviewing all the tests, charts, history, etc the first thing the Doc wants is a Bone Marrow Biopsy. OUCH!! It just looks painful as hell. Nothing like driving a 10 penny nail into your hip bone.

Doc’s pretty sure it’s cancer at this point, just trying to narrow it down.  After about $50k in tests to include every humiliating, painful, nasty test possible they have finally decided, yep cancer, we’re fairly sure. WTF?

Thankfully we have an appointment up at Stanford later this month and I’m sure they will be more helpfull. Fingers crossed.

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