I was perusing some old time fiddle music when I remembered that Bob Hubert up at ARSC used to have a live music archive on one of the systems up there. So I went poking around and found it. It’s the LAMA (Live Alaskan Music Archive) archive on the Snowy system. Snowy was partially funded by the NSF grant money Prof. Greg Newby acquired. Greg is a typical ARSCie type. Very smart with a touch of the eccentric. He’s big into the Project Gutenberg, is the Chief Scientist at ARSC, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center that is, and a dog musher. Yep, he’s got his own kennel out in Two Rivers, Stinky Pup Kennel.

Well, that made me think of Seth, Skip, Erik, and Sarah and jamming at the College Coffee house on Wednesday nights. Imagine going into a small little coffee shop on a cold (-40 degrees) dark (winter in Fairbanks) snowey night and jamming with a bunch of friends. It was a heck of a good time. Skip, Seth, and Sarah now have a group called IceJam. Well one thing led to another and in my poking around I found a drawing of Megan that Skip did many many moons ago. Here’s a page of different Drawings Skip put together.

Megan when we lived in Alaska.

Megan by Skip

Megan by Skip

There are times I really miss Alaska.