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I haven’t slept well in the last few months. Life has been a tad interesting. Which means I have a lot of time in the dark of the night. What to do with the time? Well, sometimes I play on the computer, sometimes I watch brain numbing videos on Other times I read. And when stressed I read a lot. The lady at the used bookstore asked me if I was reading the books or eating them.

In the last few months I have read

Mostly SciFi

  • Wizards First Rule: Terry Goodkind: 573 pages: Hardback
  • The Future at War vol 1: Reginald Bretnor: 276 pages: Paperback
  • The Lost Fleet, Dauntless: Jack Campbell: ?: Paperback (around here somewhere)
  • The Lost Fleet, Fearless: Jack Campbell:295 pages: Paperback
  • The Lost Fleet, Couragous: Jack Campbell: ?: Paperback (around here somewhere)
  • The Lost Fleet, Valiant: Jack Campbell: 284 pages: Paperback
  • Shamans Crossing: Robin Hobb: 607 pages: Paperback
  • Forest Mage: Robin Hobb: 736 pages: Paperback
  • The Way of Shadows: Brent Weeks: 677 pages: Paperback
  • Shadow’s Edge: Brent Weeks:636 pages: Paperback
  • Reunion: Alan Dean Foster: 340 pages: Paperback
  • For Love of Mother Not: Alan Dean Foster: 247 pages: Paperback
  • Nor Crystal Tears: Alan Dean Foster: 231 pages: Paperback
  • The Novice: Trudi Canavan: 465 pages: Paperback
  • The High Lord: Trudi Canavan: 526 pages: Paperback
  • Fluke: Christopher Moore: 321 pages: Oversize paperback
  • Pattern Recognition: William Gibson: 367 pages: Paperback
  • Omega: Jack McDevitt:493 pages: Paperback
  • Rewind: Terry England: 341 pages: Paperback
  • Thieves of Blood: Tim Waggoner: 342 pages: Paperback
  • Dextra: C. J. Ryan:451 pages (so bad couldn’t finish): Paperback
  • By Blood Alone: William C. Dietz: 370 pages: Paperback
  • Shadow of the Giant: Orson Scott Card: 367 pages: Paperback
  • Sheepfarmers Daughter: Elizabeth Moon: 506 pages: Paperback
  • Once a Hero: Elizabeth Moon: 400 pages: Paperback
  • Rules of Engagement: Elizabeth Moon: 497 pages: Paperback
  • First Riders Call: Kristen Britain: 596 pages: Paperback
  • The Ice Limit: Lincoln Child: 491 pages: Paperback
  • Nightlife: Rob Thurman: 339 pages: Paperback

Partial Reads

  • Poems Every Child Should Know: Mary E. Burt: 354 pages: Hardcover: 1904
  • Plain Tales from the Hills: Rudyard Kipling: 320 pages: Hardcover: 1899
  • The King’s Highway: John Oxenham: 94 pages: Leatherbound pocket: 1916:

Waiting to be read

  • Man-Kzin Wars V: Larry Niven: 331 pages: Paperback
  • Lord of Snow and Shadows: Sarah Ash: 574 pages: Paperback
  • Prisoner of the Iron Tower: Sarah Ash: 542 pages: Paperback
  • The Adventures of Oliver Twist: Charles Dickens:431 pages: Hardback: 1939

A note about the Kings Highway. It’s a pocket leather bound book written in 1916 filled with verse for the soldiers to carry during World War 1. We found a copy while we lived in Scotland. It’s small enough to fit in the pocket of the soldiers uniform and made to survive rough handling.

The Ways

To every man there openeth
A Way, and Ways, And a Way,
And the High Soul climbs the High way,
And the Low Soul gropes the Low,
And in between, on the misty flats,
The rest drift to and fro.
But to every man there openeth
A High Way and a Low.
And every man decideth
The Way his soul shall go.

FYI: I love old books. I have about  a dozen in the 1860’s to 1920’s. Something about carefully reading a book that has been around for over a century. The difference in the way things are phrased, the viewpoints. It’s pretty cool.


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