An interesting item has come up. I need to get the CompTia security+ and the linux+ certifications for work. Ignore the fact that I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, blah blah blah. It’s a bloody check box that needs to be checked.

The question is this. I have a pass4sure practice test series which basically gives me all 100 of the questions on the test mixed in with an additional 400 questions.  So, is it better to memorize the 500 questions and pass the test, get the check in the box, or spend the extra time, learn the subject matter and take the test with fingers crossed?

Saying, learn the subject matter seems to be the easy response. But the cert is a check box certification. It has nothing to do with my day to day job. Does my memorizing the answers and passing count? Does it make the cert useless? Almost everyone at work who has passed this exam has done the memorization route. 

I just don’t like being certified in ANYthing that I didn’t pass by knowing the subject matter. Even if it’s just a checkbox cert. It should mean something. I know people who did it the hard way and studied their butts off. But with all of the other things going on should I just get the cert? Making it worth nothing but the check mark? It’s an interesting issue.