Since he never checks this blog I can say it. Saint Gary Smith.

Gary Smith

Gary Smith

While we were standing out in the eye of Katrina thinking “Uhm this might be bad” Gary, who is an IBM Top Gun, was in San Diego doing an install at SDSC. He’s a Texas boy, and has been through a Hurricane or two, and new better than we did the hell that had been unleashed.

He called his boss on August 29th and said I’m headed back to Texas and will be driving from there over to Mississip to help. He then boarded a plane, flew to Dallas, gave his wonderful wife a hug and headed for Hertz. Rented a truck, drove to Walmart and filled the truck with supplies then proceeded to drive into the center of hell.

I will never forget unloading that truck with him. The quiet of the night, not a cricket to be heard. While carrying a load in to NAVO he whispers “Look behind the drivers seat”. On my next trip out I take a look and there, god love him, is a case of beer.

We stood out there in the pitch black that night and drank some of that beer. It’s something I will never forget as long as I live. It’s the little things in life that make the difference. Gary did something during that time in my life I will never forget.