We found the strangest thing when we went over to the beach yesterday. Roberta likes to collect sea glass from the coast and the girls have kind of gotten into it also. So, we walked down past the PG Golf course to the beach on the corner of Asilomar and Oceanview Drive. Well, when we got there I noticed something strange looking and a bit further investigation, from upwind, it turned out to be a dead seal. A pretty good sized one too.

What made it strange, besides finding a dead seal, was that it had no head. It looked like it had been chopped off with a machette. Clean cut. I called the non emergency number for the Pacific Grove police department, fish and game wouldn’t answer the phone, and the dispatcher told me that they were just going to let the tides take it out and not do anything. No explanation as to what happened or anything, just that they were letting nature take care of it.

I can think of only three reasons of why it would be missing it’s head like that. 1, it was killed on purpose with something like a machete or ax. 2, it got caught by a propeller on some boat. 3, the head was removed after it’s death for some purpose, research or some such.

I’ll probably never know. But, it was a strange sight.