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Well, I could never get the bug to idle correctly nor fix the awful dead spot in the acceleration curve so I ordered a rebuild kit for it. $11. Figured what the heck, couldn’t make it worse. Right?

I learned the hard way that brake cleaner when sprayed in certain orifices will, without warning come back out a different orifice in the opposite direction. IE, straight into the face. More specifically, into my left eye. Ouch. Talk about burn! And it lingers for hours. Oh the joy. Even after washing my face and eyes I still had burning and blurry vision for an hour or so. Stuff is strong. (-;

After cleaning the carb and replacing a bunch of parts I put it back in the bug only to discover that the shelack was the only thing keeping the throttle shaft from leaking. Drip, drip, drip. Damn!!! That’s one thing I’ve read online that universally means, “replace” the carb. oh well.

After some research I found a place up in Santa Cruz that sells new carbs for a reasonable price. Under $200 at least. So I made the trip this afternoon and picked one up. I’ll try it tonight and see if I have any better luck.

Remind me again why I work on my own cars?

We decided to get out of the house for a bit last weekend and headed down to Big Sur. Big Sur is an area with lots of Redwood trees and tranquility. It’s 26 miles south of Carmel on highway 1 along the coast.  I know the distance because I helped out with the Big Sur Marathon a few weeks ago.

You can go from this type of environment.

On the road to Big Sur

On the road to Big Sur


To this

Beach along Highway 1

Beach along Highway 1


And finally you reach this in less than 25 miles.

Big Sur Creek

Big Sur Creek

Here everyone is having a relaxing time.

Roberta Chillin out

Roberta Chillin Out


The Scowling Teenager

The Scowling Teenager

Molly Playing

Molly Playing

Nora cooling off

Nora cooling off


And finally the coffe, soda, ice cream shop made from an old bus.

The Bus Cafe

The Bus Cafe

I decided to do a little bit of playing around today and did some performance benchmarks on our eStorage system I’ve been setting up. eStorage is supposed to stand for Enterprise Storage, as opposed to isolated islands of storage. Old storage was DDN 9550’s and the new storage is DDN 9900 Data luns with EMC CX-380 metadata luns. See if you can figure out which is which. (-: Oh, and the drop in performance on the ops2 filesystem is because of a different block size. 256k instead of 128k, need to research why the hit in performance.


According to some documentation forwarded to me the usable throughput of a 4GB fibre connection is 400 MB/s. We’re running ~390 MB/s from the I/O node and ~325 MB/s across our IB connections using GPFS. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

This is the pointy haired boss graph. Simple and shows how we did good spending the money we spent.

Below is a graph I find more useful. It’s a simplified one made from iozone.This is only one file system, and one test out of 4 I normally run. A lot of information in a quick chart. I can gather a ton of data in a hurry with IOZone.

iozone output

iozone output

This graph shows the throughput for different block sizing writing out to different final file sizes. This shows me where I have great throughput for small block sizes that match cache strides, and where  I actually fall out of cache and hit a more stable spindle limit. Fun fun. The empty space on the lower right is because I don’t run small block sizes on larger file sizes. Takes too long.

Bored yet? This is my world. (-; Crazy stuff.

I haven’t done much posting lately. I’ve been something of  a bum lately. Nothing new there. (-;

That’s not to mean a lot isn’t happening in life, only that things are in a flux and nothing is really settled yet.

Life moves on.

I did realize the other night that I am coming up on my 12th anniversary of being a type 1 diabetic. 12 years extra in my life so far.  I’ve been off of shots and on my insulin pump for 4 years. Technically I’m now a cyborg, (an organism that has both artificial and natural systems). If there are any type 1 diabetics  out there that aren’t on the pump yet, go get it. It’s made a world of difference in my life.

Things that have happened in the last 12 years that I’ve been lucky enough to experience. A gift of time I wouldn’t have had a hundred, or even 50 years ago.

  • I’ve seen my baby daughter turn into a teenager. May there be enough beer to see me through THIS experience.
  • I’ve watched my mirror image twin daughters be born and grow into little ladies. Mirror Image twins. Who could have seen that coming?
  • I’ve gone from fixing broken PC’s to working on 3 of the top 10 fastest computers in the world.  (This is a moving target)
  • We’ve taken the family to the outbacks of Alaska. Stood out in -55 degree temperatures and watched the auroras dancing overhead.
  • Taken the ladies to Marde Gras in the deep south of Mississippi.
  • Held Molly and Nora in the doorway to the kitchen as the house shook with a 6.3 earthquake.
  • Watched the trees sway with the motion of a 7.9 earthquake.
  • Been on evacuation notice while 500,000 acres of Alaska burned around us.
  • Hunkered down while the eye wall of Katrina rolled over us and walked out into the eye of the greatest natural disaster to hit the US in recent times and tore the world around us apart.
  • In the last 12 years we have lived in 5 states and 2 countries.
  • We have met and made friends with some of the most eclectic and of wonderful people. We’ve cried at the passing of friends to disease and the conflicts of war.

All this and so much more that I consider a gift of time. I should have died 12 years ago. Technology is a good thing. I like being  a cyborg, it let’s me continue to experience and enjoy life, with all it’s good and bad, happy and sad.

The first Sunday of the month we now have a  loosely Celtic Jam Session at the Ol’ Factory Cafe in Sand City. Starts at 3 and lasts until 6pm or so.

On Sunday May 3rd, 2009 there were 4 Fiddlers, a Bassist, 3 Guitarists, a Mandolin player, and a Penny Whistler joining in.

I arrived a few minutes late and left a bit early, but here is a session list from while I was there. It’s not complete, I ended up chatting off to the side at one point. But here is a listing of a good portion of the tunes.

  • Star of the County Down (Traditional Irish Air)
  • Martin O’Conners
  • Riding on a Load of Hay
  • Rakes of Mallow (Polka)
  • Hommage a Edmond Parizeau (Canadian?)
  • Reel Ti-me (Canadian?)
  • Road to Lisdoonvarna (Jig)
  • Kesh Jig (Jig)
  • Morrisons (Jig)
  • The Musical Priest (Reel)
  • Cooley’s (Reel)
  • The Banshee (Reel)
  • Money in Both Pockets
  • The Mountain Road
  • Merry Blacksmith
  • Smash the Windows
  • The Rights of Man
  • Innishere (Traditional Irish Air)
  • O’Carolines Concierto
  • Sour Grass and Granite
  • Angeline the Baker
  • Old Joe Clark
  • Out on the Ocean (Portland Collection)
  • Kitty McGee (Portland Collection)
  • Bill Sullivans (Polka)
  • Dennis Murphy’s (Polka)
  • John Ryan’s (Polka)
  • Off to California
  • St. Anne’s Reel

I need to verify that all of these are the correct versions. But here are a pdf of the sheet  music and an abc file of the same.

May 3rd Celtic Session Tunes PDF

May 3rd Celtic Session Tunes abc file

MP3’s of the tunes can be found in this directory.

They aren’t the best mp3’s. I basically took the abc’s and turned them into midi files with abc2midi and then converted those to mp3’s so I could play them on my ipod.  But, they are better than nothing. (-;

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