Today we had a ground breaking ceremony at Fleet Numerical, FNMOC, for a new $9 Million addition to our Ops Center and Data Center. We’re adding room to support the NPOESS system coming along in 2013. The National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite Systems. I’ll be working this project starting Monday June 1st.

Well, they decided to have California Representative Sam Farr speak. I guess since this project has the word “Environment” in it he had to bring up Global Warming. To describe how important and dangerous Global Warming is he used the following reference. (I’ll try to keep it as close to what he said as I can remember)

As the earth warms the permafrost and tundra will melt and all the bacteria under that permafrost and tundra will come back. Picture it this way. Take a piece of meat out of the freezer and place it on the counter. Then let that sit our and defrost. Wait a week or so and it will be a bacteria ridden mess. The bacteria was always there, it was just frozen. That’s what the permafrost and tundra will be like. That’s what Global Warming will bring.

Hmm….. It’s scary to think that our policy makers in Congress and the higher branches of our government actually believe this nonsense.

Come visit Alaska. We’re the proud state of bacteria ridden meat!