Okay. This is getting a bit old. I ended up buying a new carburetor on Friday so that I could get the beetle up and running. Well, I installed the carb no problem and it fired right up. Awesome! Drove it around a bit to warm the engine, did a bit of tweaking and things were going good. Drove the bug on Friday night and Saturday.

Saturday night I went to make a run down to SeaHarvest and Bang, wack wack wack wack wack. What the F@#! just happened? No power, wouldn’t run right. Nursed it home and parked the bloody thing in the driveway. Got out and listened. I could hear a metal on metal wacking noise at idle. ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME?!?!  I was so pissed I almost lit the thing on fire and called it good.

On Sunday, when I wasn’t quite as pissed, I took the valve covers off and discovered the exhaust valve on #2 cylinder had a broken valve spring. This may or may not have been a good thing. Depends on if it took anything with it. I went and grabbed some lunch, picked up my tools and 2 hours later had the motor sitting on the floor of the carport stripped down to the pistons. Looks like I was lucky in that the valve stuck in the closed position, the push rod slipped it’s moorings and wasn’t trying to force the valve down. So, no damage other than the stupid $1.95 valve spring.

I’ve ordered a full set of heavy duty, high reving, valve springs and retaining clips. Should be here by Thursday when I can put the darn thing back together again.

Do it once more Wally and see what happens. I know where a lighter is you POS, dirt sucking, grub licking, air cooled rust bucket!