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Well, I could never get the bug to idle correctly nor fix the awful dead spot in the acceleration curve so I ordered a rebuild kit for it. $11. Figured what the heck, couldn’t make it worse. Right?

I learned the hard way that brake cleaner when sprayed in certain orifices will, without warning come back out a different orifice in the opposite direction. IE, straight into the face. More specifically, into my left eye. Ouch. Talk about burn! And it lingers for hours. Oh the joy. Even after washing my face and eyes I still had burning and blurry vision for an hour or so. Stuff is strong. (-;

After cleaning the carb and replacing a bunch of parts I put it back in the bug only to discover that the shelack was the only thing keeping the throttle shaft from leaking. Drip, drip, drip. Damn!!! That’s one thing I’ve read online that universally means, “replace” the carb. oh well.

After some research I found a place up in Santa Cruz that sells new carbs for a reasonable price. Under $200 at least. So I made the trip this afternoon and picked one up. I’ll try it tonight and see if I have any better luck.

Remind me again why I work on my own cars?

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