I haven’t done much posting lately. I’ve been something of  a bum lately. Nothing new there. (-;

That’s not to mean a lot isn’t happening in life, only that things are in a flux and nothing is really settled yet.

Life moves on.

I did realize the other night that I am coming up on my 12th anniversary of being a type 1 diabetic. 12 years extra in my life so far.  I’ve been off of shots and on my insulin pump for 4 years. Technically I’m now a cyborg, (an organism that has both artificial and natural systems). If there are any type 1 diabetics  out there that aren’t on the pump yet, go get it. It’s made a world of difference in my life.

Things that have happened in the last 12 years that I’ve been lucky enough to experience. A gift of time I wouldn’t have had a hundred, or even 50 years ago.

  • I’ve seen my baby daughter turn into a teenager. May there be enough beer to see me through THIS experience.
  • I’ve watched my mirror image twin daughters be born and grow into little ladies. Mirror Image twins. Who could have seen that coming?
  • I’ve gone from fixing broken PC’s to working on 3 of the top 10 fastest computers in the world.  (This is a moving target)
  • We’ve taken the family to the outbacks of Alaska. Stood out in -55 degree temperatures and watched the auroras dancing overhead.
  • Taken the ladies to Marde Gras in the deep south of Mississippi.
  • Held Molly and Nora in the doorway to the kitchen as the house shook with a 6.3 earthquake.
  • Watched the trees sway with the motion of a 7.9 earthquake.
  • Been on evacuation notice while 500,000 acres of Alaska burned around us.
  • Hunkered down while the eye wall of Katrina rolled over us and walked out into the eye of the greatest natural disaster to hit the US in recent times and tore the world around us apart.
  • In the last 12 years we have lived in 5 states and 2 countries.
  • We have met and made friends with some of the most eclectic and of wonderful people. We’ve cried at the passing of friends to disease and the conflicts of war.

All this and so much more that I consider a gift of time. I should have died 12 years ago. Technology is a good thing. I like being  a cyborg, it let’s me continue to experience and enjoy life, with all it’s good and bad, happy and sad.