It seems that the board running Super Computing 2009 this year has lost their bloody minds and will be having the head preacher of Eco Zealots as the keynote speaker. Yep, good ole Al Gore-acle will be giving the keynote speech.

Can you hear the disgust in my writing? They are going to turn a great HPC/Supercomputing event into a three ringed political circus with Eco Zealots jumping for joy.

I’ve attended the last 4 Supercomputing conferences. It’s a great place to go and meet old colleagues, learn about new technology, and meet new people doing what  I do. This year though, I might just do something else and hope next years conference will be back to what it should be. A conference on the fastest computers in the world and the people who make it possible.

Anyone out there have a suggestion for a better conference to attend this year? SC09 will be skipped.