With Earth day coming up there are a lot of fairly stupid ideas on “Being Green” that have been hitting the local tv, radio, news, etc. One of my pet peaves is the whole “turn the water off when brushing your teeth and save the world”. Hogwash.

Just a few minutes of research will show that the average daily usage of water by all the households in America is 1% of the total usage. This is from a USGS survey done in 2000.  A more web friendly version for schools here also.

So, no matter what you do you can NEVER save more than 1% of the water usage even if everyone in the country shut off their homes water supplies.

Now, how much water do you use brushing your teeth? According to water usage calculator found  here my house hold uses roughly 1 gallon of water for 5 people brushing their teeth a day. Since I know my daily water usage is roughly 350 gallons a day, that means we use 1/350th of the total household water just brushing our teeth.

Now, if we turn the water off while brushing lets say we save half of that water, or 1/2 gallon a day. So, what’s the total savings of water by turning it off while brushing our teeth?

(1/100) / (1/350) / 2= .000014 of the total water used in America daily. Wow, a whopping .0014%? Good thing we’re saving the planet.

Dumb, moronic, stupid, sheeple minded eco zealots. Believing crap like this can “save the planet!” Anyone with half a brain can work the math and do a minimum amount of research and figure out this is total crap. Sure, save a few penny’s on your water bill, but save the planet? Get a life.

  1. Thermoelectric power: 48%
  2. Irrigation: 34%
  3. Public supply: 11%
  4. Industrial: 5%
  5. Domestic: 1%
  6. Misc: 1%