I don’t plan on my daily exercise to be a post able item. However since today an oddity happened I thought why not. Started with a blood sugar of 199 at 3:25. Started exercising around 4. I ran did one circuit on the weights and then ran 2.75 miles on the elliptical trainer in 30 minutes. Checked my blood sugars and they were 157. Did good today.

After finishing up on the elliptical trainer I turned around and there was one of the sailors who had been on one of the exercise bikes, out cold in the middle of the floor.  The sailors are required to work out for an hour a couple of times a week I guess and today was one of those days. It’s also 80+ degrees out, and probably a touch higher than that in the gym. We woke him up, sat him down and got some water in him and he started making sense again. He was pretty out of it for a bit there. You could see where he had been sweating because his shirt was still sweaty, but his head was pretty much dry. He’d stopped sweating. I think he just overheated and dehydrated. Seems to be fine now. A handful of the other sailors are watching over him at this point.

Crazy times.