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Tried to log into the web page yesterday and my admin account wouldn’t work. The links were missing and some of the layout was wrong. Logged into the system via ssh and could see all the files and directories okay.

I did a quick backup of the wordpress directory to be paranoid. My last backup was just over a month ago. Still couldn’t log in to the web side of things. Then it got worse. Open the website and there we no posts anymore. Just a basic theme page. Tried loggin in and got a “You do not have permission to view this page error” When trying to update the database I get

“WordPress database error: [Incorrect key file for table  ‘./icehawk_blogme/wp_posts.MYI’; try to repair it] UPDATE wp_posts SET
comment_count = 5 WHERE ID = 606”

I logged into the mysql database with phpMyAdmin and found several of the tables either corrupted or crashed. Uh oh. This isn’t good.

After much head scratching and a support call to it turns out that they restarted the mysql database server the night before and my wordpress database ended up in a crashed state and needed to be repaired. After that everything came back to life. Scary for a bit there. Thought I might have lost all my old posts. Even though I did back up everything I don’t have backups of the mysql stuff.

Lesson learned? Don’t just backup the directories, back up the database also!!! You’d think I would know better.


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