The bug (no name yet) wouldn’t idle very well once warmed up and had a tendancy to die when at a stop light. That and it had a wicked flat spot in the acceleration curve. So flat in fact that it was more like a dead range.

I replaced the cap and rotor, tried to replace the points and condenser but Kragen provided me with the wrong ones, gee thanks. I found a web page that talked about tuning up a bug engine including adjusting the carburetor. So, I started to follow the destructions.

  1. Set Fast Idle Adjuster to just barely contact the choke cam.  Turns out this was cranked way in to up the idle.
  2. Turn the Volume Control Screw all the way in and then back out 2 1/2 turns. It was set over 7 turns out.
  3. Turn the Bypass Screw all the way in and then back it out a couple of turns for a rough set. It was turned ALL the way in to the stops.

So, I set the default values, crossed my fingers and fired up the bug. It’s idling. I did some minor adjustments and now the bug pops and backfires. Tried to time with the timing light, the marks are all over the place. I’ll need to pop spark plug #1 and mark Top Dead Center later. I just used the adjust by ear method for now, thanks to a childhood of turning wrench with my uncle and cousin, this is pretty simple.

Took the bug out for a spin, idles much better, still needs some work, but no more dead spot. Much much better. It was so out of wack I’m surprised the thing even ran. You have to admit the 1600 cc bug engine is tolerant of misadjustments.