As some who know us know, we have a 2008 Dodge Ram 4×4 Big Horn Edition truck. It’s pretty, it’s powerful, and it’s a real kick to drive.


We laugh and joke because the truck is so computerized. Turn the key, the computer takes over, runs all the fans up, does a diagnostics, and backs the rpms and fans back down. Well, it’s not so funny anymore.

The truck hasn’t been running right lately. It has a hesitation problem and doesn’t get as good a gas milage as it used to. We used to get 20+ miles a gallon on the freeway. Now it’s more like 17. So we took it in for and oil change and a diagnostics by the dealer. Only they have the right computers to talk with the computers in the truck.

The results? It needed 2 software updates. One for the traction control and the other for the emission system. Yes, you read that right. Software updates. I can only imagine that we needed the software update to the emission system because california has so much crap in their gas to make it “environmentally friendly” that it screwed up the system. The fix was just to teach the computer how to handle it. Guy at the dealership said it should be all better now.

Software updates to my truck. It’s just not right!