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And no, I didn’t get rid of a Rolls and replace it with a BMW. I used to have a classic mini cooper and now I have a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle! It’s Taxi cab yellow and tore up, but fixable. The interior is going to need to be pretty much completely replaced, but it runs and drives.

I’ll put up pictures this weekend.

Hey John! You may have picked up a Porsche but I got the Porsche wannabe. Oh wait. hmmm…

When we were living in Scotland we heard about something called the Postcode Lottery, and not in a good way. One of the realities of  socialized medicine is that it’s great for the day to day stuff, but once you get into an outlyer or expensive situation, well, it sucks.

The post code lottery is a slang term for the situation where you may or may not get proper treatment for a serious disease based on what post code you live in. It’s based on the funding available in that area and whether or not there is enough to cover any expensive treatments. In my case Diabetic Insulin Pump support. I had a hell of a battle getting coverage, and I already had the pump.

Where this really comes into play is when someone is fighting something like cancer. Depending on your post code you may or may not get the drugs you need to survive. Seriously. Reference here, or here, or better yet do a google search. You might be denied the cancer fighting drugs which could save your life.

The figures I read indicate that if you can afford to pay for your own drugs you have a 3 times more likelyhood to survive cancer in the UK than if you have to rely on the National Health System. Yes, that’s 3 times. Oh, and here’s the kicker. If you can afford to pay for any of your drugs and choose to do so, then the NHS will drop you from coverage and you will be forced to pay for ALL of your treatment. Seriously. Look it up.

Our medical system here in the states may have some rough parts, but it’s still pretty good. Just don’t get caught out. IE, make sure you have medical insurance before you get sick or you are royally hosed.

My current medical has a $1350 a year per person out of pocket and a $2 million maximum per person lifetime usage. It’s March and we’ve maxed one of them already. Guess which? It’s a pure fluke I picked the best medical available in December when it was time to decide on next years options. Dang good thing we chose as we did.

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