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I put the motor back into Wally on Saturday and was up and running Sunday. I went with the 1641 cc Pistons and Cylinders. Everything seems to be working okay so far. I have a pretty wicked flat spot in the acceleration curve and it doesn’t like to idle quite right at under 1000 rpms or so. So, I still have some tweaking and tuning to do, but it runs!

It’s Alive!!!!

Pictures of the final motor installed will be updated later. I’m still having issues with permissions and the like since the database crash and as such can’t get pictures to post correctly. Will dig into it and fix soon.

It seems that the board running Super Computing 2009 this year has lost their bloody minds and will be having the head preacher of Eco Zealots as the keynote speaker. Yep, good ole Al Gore-acle will be giving the keynote speech.

Can you hear the disgust in my writing? They are going to turn a great HPC/Supercomputing event into a three ringed political circus with Eco Zealots jumping for joy.

I’ve attended the last 4 Supercomputing conferences. It’s a great place to go and meet old colleagues, learn about new technology, and meet new people doing what  I do. This year though, I might just do something else and hope next years conference will be back to what it should be. A conference on the fastest computers in the world and the people who make it possible.

Anyone out there have a suggestion for a better conference to attend this year? SC09 will be skipped.

With Earth day coming up there are a lot of fairly stupid ideas on “Being Green” that have been hitting the local tv, radio, news, etc. One of my pet peaves is the whole “turn the water off when brushing your teeth and save the world”. Hogwash.

Just a few minutes of research will show that the average daily usage of water by all the households in America is 1% of the total usage. This is from a USGS survey done in 2000.  A more web friendly version for schools here also.

So, no matter what you do you can NEVER save more than 1% of the water usage even if everyone in the country shut off their homes water supplies.

Now, how much water do you use brushing your teeth? According to water usage calculator found  here my house hold uses roughly 1 gallon of water for 5 people brushing their teeth a day. Since I know my daily water usage is roughly 350 gallons a day, that means we use 1/350th of the total household water just brushing our teeth.

Now, if we turn the water off while brushing lets say we save half of that water, or 1/2 gallon a day. So, what’s the total savings of water by turning it off while brushing our teeth?

(1/100) / (1/350) / 2= .000014 of the total water used in America daily. Wow, a whopping .0014%? Good thing we’re saving the planet.

Dumb, moronic, stupid, sheeple minded eco zealots. Believing crap like this can “save the planet!” Anyone with half a brain can work the math and do a minimum amount of research and figure out this is total crap. Sure, save a few penny’s on your water bill, but save the planet? Get a life.

  1. Thermoelectric power: 48%
  2. Irrigation: 34%
  3. Public supply: 11%
  4. Industrial: 5%
  5. Domestic: 1%
  6. Misc: 1%

I don’t plan on my daily exercise to be a post able item. However since today an oddity happened I thought why not. Started with a blood sugar of 199 at 3:25. Started exercising around 4. I ran did one circuit on the weights and then ran 2.75 miles on the elliptical trainer in 30 minutes. Checked my blood sugars and they were 157. Did good today.

After finishing up on the elliptical trainer I turned around and there was one of the sailors who had been on one of the exercise bikes, out cold in the middle of the floor.  The sailors are required to work out for an hour a couple of times a week I guess and today was one of those days. It’s also 80+ degrees out, and probably a touch higher than that in the gym. We woke him up, sat him down and got some water in him and he started making sense again. He was pretty out of it for a bit there. You could see where he had been sweating because his shirt was still sweaty, but his head was pretty much dry. He’d stopped sweating. I think he just overheated and dehydrated. Seems to be fine now. A handful of the other sailors are watching over him at this point.

Crazy times.

Well, I took a two week hiatus on the exercise routine and now I’m paying the price.

Weight. 207. Too much of the good stuff. (-;

I started with a couple of rounds on the weight machines to warm up and then ran 2.5 miles on the elipticle trainer in roughly 30 minutes. Started with a blood sugar of 222 at 3:37 pm so I took my pumps recommended insulin dose of 2.9 units of insulin and ended with a blood sugar of 49 at 4:42 pm. Oops. 3 sugar tablets later and I’m good to go. I need to work on the 45+ minute exercise routines and my blood sugars. Can’t keep dropping like this or it’s a tad on the bad side.

The run felt really good today. I made it over the hump and just kind of putted along. Kept the heart rate between 145 and 155 for most of the way. If I can keep this up I might actually get back into shape. Feels good now, wonder what the morning will feel like?

Tried to log into the web page yesterday and my admin account wouldn’t work. The links were missing and some of the layout was wrong. Logged into the system via ssh and could see all the files and directories okay.

I did a quick backup of the wordpress directory to be paranoid. My last backup was just over a month ago. Still couldn’t log in to the web side of things. Then it got worse. Open the website and there we no posts anymore. Just a basic theme page. Tried loggin in and got a “You do not have permission to view this page error” When trying to update the database I get

“WordPress database error: [Incorrect key file for table  ‘./icehawk_blogme/wp_posts.MYI’; try to repair it] UPDATE wp_posts SET
comment_count = 5 WHERE ID = 606”

I logged into the mysql database with phpMyAdmin and found several of the tables either corrupted or crashed. Uh oh. This isn’t good.

After much head scratching and a support call to it turns out that they restarted the mysql database server the night before and my wordpress database ended up in a crashed state and needed to be repaired. After that everything came back to life. Scary for a bit there. Thought I might have lost all my old posts. Even though I did back up everything I don’t have backups of the mysql stuff.

Lesson learned? Don’t just backup the directories, back up the database also!!! You’d think I would know better.

Well, I finally got the sabatour out. I still don’t really know what it is. But here it is.

The Sabatour

The Sabatour

Looks like a screw without threads or a notch. Not really sure what it was. This is what it did to the piston though.

Damaged Piston

Damaged Piston

So far I have ordered the pistons, cylinders and rings. I went with the oversize, stock cylinder head fitting, 1641 cc pistons instead of the standard 1594 cc pistons. I understand it’s about a 10% increase in power for only $20 more. Not sure all the effects the larger pistons will have, but I did research quite a bit and understand it’s one of the most common upgrades.

Also I ordered exhaust valves, retaining clips, push rod seals,  and push rod tubes. I ordered an exhaust installation kit  which has all gaskets and bolts needed to put the exhaust back together. The original nuts and bolts were very rusty. I used a lot of gunk penetrating oil to get them loose. Soak, wait and hour, try to loosen, soak, wait an hour, loosen, etc. I actually got all the bolts off without breaking a single one. A miracle.

And finally I ordered a manifold boot kit. One of the manifold boots was cracked. Which might be why the thing wouldn’t idle correctly. Inability to idle at 900 rpm, rough idle, etc is an example of a beetle engine sucking air somewhere. Which could explain why the carburetor was so adjusted out of whack. The kid trying to make it run with an air leak.

Money spent so far on parts shipped in, $230.  Total money spent for paint, cleaners, misc, about $50. (excluding the $100 or so on tools. I had none to start with.)

Here’s what the Dog house and engine tins will end up looking like after being cleaned and painted.

Painted Engine Tin

Painted Engine Tin

Cleaned and Painted Cylinder Tins

Cleaned and Painted Cylinder Tins

Well, I spent Saturday demotoring Wally and then tearing the engine down. Here are a few pictures of the experience. One thing I did to make sure I get the wires back correctly was to take a lot of photos of each area of the engine BEFORE taking a single nut or bolt loose. (-:


Almost there. I have the engine loose and sitting only on a jack. 

Engine loose

Engine loose

After 2 hours and 2 trips over to Chucks to get the right sockets the engine is out of the car.

Engine out

Engine out

 The hardest part of the whole experience was getting the bloody motor up on the bench by myself. Definitely should be a two man lift.

Engine on Bench

Engine on Bench

To get the cylinder head off you start at the top of the motor and remove everything. Then get down to where you can get the cylinder head off.

Tore down motor

Tore down motor

And finally I get to the heart of the problem. A small piece of metal holding the valve open. Something that was dropped into the cylinder head during a sparkplug check I would imagine.

The Sabatour

The Sabatour

In the ARMY this would be called FOD. Or Foreign Object Damage. All this work for that little piece of metal. Looks like it might be the top from a sparkplug. I tried pulling it out with a pair of needle nose pliers but ended up just losing it behind the valve. I’ll get a valve spring compression tool tomorrow and pull the item out.
Then it’s time to put the motor back together. I need to order a gasket kit first and some misc pieces then I need to clean and clean and clean. I don’t think this engine has been cleaned since it was put into the car back in 1974. 35 years of crud build up. Yuck.

I picked up some tools on Friday and this morning I tore into Wally to see what was up. First thing I did was check for spark in all the holes. Yep. Looked okay. Then I did a compression test. 120, 110, 120, 0. Um. I think I found the problem.

Number 3 cylinder has zero compression. Something is definitely broken. I started the engine pull around lunch today and 2 1/2 hours later it was sitting in the garage. I took my time an figured things out on the fly with some help from Rob and Daves Aircooled Volkswagen site.

I didn’t remove the exhaust before dropping the motor, which made it a bit tight gettting it out, but it worked. I’ll try to post some pics later. Now it’s time to figure out what happened to cylinder 3.

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