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It’s been a wild ride the last few years. Moving from Washington State to Alaska to Mississippi to California to Scotland and then back to California. All in the space of 10 years. We’ve seen and done some pretty amazing things.

But there is a downside. We’re not independently wealthy so these moves have come with some struggles at times. The companies I’ve worked for have helped defray a lot of the cost, but we’re talking about moving a family of five around.

This last move to Scotland and back was very interesting. It pretty much wiped us out, well, not pretty much, it did. We thought Scotland was going to be long term so we sold off almost everything when we moved. When things fell apart and we ended up bailing back the new company I am with gave us some move money. Enough for plane tickets and a good portion of the deposit needed to get into a house here in Monterey.

The down side to this move. We got here, we got into a house, and then the money ran out. ($6500 to get into a rental house between 1st, last and deposit) Now, I get paid a LOT to do what I do here. But, with a family of 5 to support that lot turns into just enough to cover the bills and have a little play money left over. Not enough to go out and stock a house, clothe the kids, buy a car, etc etc. Roberta working at Sea Harvest has given us the ability to slowly pick things up as we could.

In comes our friends. We’ve been living with borrowed pots and pans, air beds, hand me down furniture, and even a borrowed car to get us back on our feet. We also have a beautiful Dodge truck that we took over payments on which helped us out. But we’ve been living on the bare minimum for a while now. Trying to slowly build up a household. And finally our income tax check arrived last week and it gives us the money needed to get back into living almost normal again.

Every one in the family now has a bed. We put Megan’s together Saturday and purchased mattresses for Roberta and I also. (ours is on the floor still, but only because we haven’t found the frame we want yet, that and I think we’re just used to sleeping on the floor at this point.) Molly and Nora have had their beds for about a month now.

We now have Pier One Dishes, a really nice set of non stick pots and pans. Silverware, a nice couch and love seat, beds all around, one dresser per person and I’m keeping my eyes open for a cheap car to commute with. We even splurged and picked up Molly and Nora wet suits and they went boogie boarding down at lovers point for the first time since we’ve been back.

3 1/2 months of sleeping on air mattresses and using borrowed pots and pans, but we’re finally back on our feet. It feels good.

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