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As some of you who know me know,  I don’t believe most of the hype and alarmism over Anthropogenic Global Warming. This means “Man Made” global warming. The more I research and learn the more I find doubt in the whole “Man Made/CO2” cause.  Looking at temperature graphs over the last few thousand years shows heating and cooling of the earth. This is a given.  How much variability and what is the cause? Now those are hotly contested items.

In my parsing through the internet on the subject, I ran across an interesting site by Joanne Nova who has written a small book called “The Skeptics Handbook” and it’s not what you think at first. It’s not a a lot of debate over niddly statistical methods, arguing over this or that, etc. It’s not bad really. Which was kind of surprising. Whether you believe the hype or not, knowing both sides of the debate is a good thing to do.

Here is the crux of the question..

There is only one question that matters:
‘will adding more CO2 to the atmosphere make the world much warmer now?’

I like the simplicity of the question. It really cuts to the core of the whole issue.

As an aside I believe

  • The world is warming
  • Pollution is bad. It’s silly to pollute where you live.
  • CO2 is a fertilizer and not a pollutant
  • Using the fiction of AGW to get power or money from people and Knowing it’s untrue should be a crime.  (I left an out for idiots)
  • Computer Models of the environment are examples of chaotic systems. They can show anything or nothing with little difference between them.
  • 99.9999% of the population once thought the earth was flat. Now only a few hundred years later 99.9999% think it round.  Just a comment on popular opinions.
  • Spending Billions or even Trillions of dollars to fix a problem that may not be what we think is WRONG. We need to understand first.
  • Spending Billions or even Trillions of dollars to fix problems we KNOW is much better money spent.  Cancer, hunger, Malaria, and Aids are just a few of the issues that need fixing and need it badly. Go Bill and Malinda!!! You too Warren Buffet. If you don’t know what I mean then you need to read about the Gates Foundation. They are doing things right when it comes to solving the worlds problems.
  • Instead of crying about CO2 polluting countries. Help them develop cleaner, better, more efficient technologies. Don’t try to throttle them. We went through our polluting phase. Just look at the dark gray, coal sooted buildings in Edinburgh.  Help the developing countries build their infrastructures with what we have learned without having to do it the hard way.

Okay. Enough about this. We all have our opinions. This is mine. Right, wrong, or indifferent.

On Tuesdays there is a Farmers Market down on Alvarado Street in Downtown Monterey.  Our friends Lynn and Chuck run the Calamari booth. So a typical Tuesday evening consists of Calamari and fries for dinner.


Then we will wander the market picking up some fresh Oranges, Tomatos, Honey sticks, Kettle Popcorn, and maybe a Rootbeer float for the girls if they’ve been good.  Some days  we’ll also get misc fresh veggies, flowers, or like tonight fresh Avocado.  Another benefit to living here is the access to really good fresh foods.

Here are a few picks from the market tonight.


Here are two pictures from Asilomar at sunset. It’s the same picture with one being 1920×1200 and the other 1024×768. I liked this one so though I would share it out. Roberta and I wandered down the other night to catch the sun setting. It’s nice living here so close to the ocean.


Asilomar sunset 1024 by 768

1920 by 1200

Asilomar Sunset 1920 by 1200

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