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Well, I’m tired of being fat and lazy. Well, maybe not the lazy part. I’ve started working out at the end of the day before heading home from work. We have a small gym here at Fleet with treadmills, exercise equipment, stationary bikes, etc.

So, I’ve been hitting the gym about 3 times a week, trying to do better, but things keep coming up. I’ve been doing it now for only 3 weeks, but it’s better than what I was doing, which was nothing.I even feel better after exercising, which means I’m starting to get into a bit better shape.

Today I did 2 circuits of the exercise equipment and then played gerbil for a little over a mile on the treadmill. took me 12 minutes to run a mile and then I ended up walking for another quarter mile to cool down. I’m seriously out of shape. Then again I’m lugging around 210 plus pounds.

My goal is to drop my weight to around 190 and be able to consistently run 2 miles in under 20 minutes. That’s my goal. See how things progress.

Forgot to mention one of the challenges to exercising for me. Keeping my blood sugars in a controlled state..

Blood sugar at 3:30pm was 246, so I pumped 3.9 units of insulin and didn’t bother to poke my finger when I went to work out at just before 5pm.. I exercised and my blood sugars dropped to 58 by 5:30. Needed to eat some sugar tablets to bring it back up.  woops. But then again that’s why I have the sugar tablets with me. Yesterday I was at 117 before exercising so I took 2 sugar tablets and an hour after working out my blood sugars were 137. So, I got it right yesterday. Not so much today. Oh well.

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