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Sitting here at 5 am with a low blood sugar and waiting for it to come up so I can get some more sleep.  Just one of those things. Thought I would do a quick post since I’ve been fairly quiet lately.

We picked up a couch and love seat this evening from a nice Turkish couple that are in the process of moving back to Turkey. He was attending the Naval Postgraduate School and is graduating and they are heading back home. When we went over to their house in Toro park, the military housing area, I noticed their shoes on the porch. So I mentioned it to Roberta and we both took our shoes off before going into their home. Before we left the wife mentioned to Roberta that in the three years that they’ve lived here, we are one of a very few set of people that actually took their shoes off. I was a bit surprised really. I thought it was just common courtesy  to follow another persons customs when in their home. Sounds like our military needs manners training. The way they spoke I’m not sure they were all that impressed with the American culture.

Payday was yesterday so I sat down and paid bills. Talk about getting knickeled and dimed. Sheesh.  Water was $200+, power will be $500+, Garbage was just shy of $150 for 3 months, cable is $130 a month for 100+ channels of total crap with a few couple of interesting programs mixed in. I pay more in utilities than most people pay in rent in other places of the county. We’re running over $1000 a month in just basic utilites.  Welcome to California. Raising a family here is pretty expensive. In fact most folks here don’t have kids. Either retired, DINKS (Dual Income No Kids),  or rich and it’s a second home here. We’re the odd ones out living here with kids. There are no kids around us at all. Old retired lady across the street. San Fancisco families weekend homes on the corner and on the south side of us. Gay couple next door that never say hi on our north side. Real estate salesman and wife across the street, the only couple that even say hi on occassion besides Tom and Monica who live behind us. A Retired guy from Iowa kitty corner across from us. No, kids anywhere on our block. Quiet road. Well, until we moved in. (-;

I’ve been looking at old VW Beetles online. Thinking I might pick one up if our income tax ever gets here. Fairly cheap cars that aren’t too hard to work on. Need something I can pick up the girls from school with. Saw a good one today on Craigslist. Unfortunately we don’t have our income tax yet. So will miss that one. I’d really like to find another classic mini cooper like Mr. Ed was. Sadly they wan’t WAY to much money for one here in the states. My $2500 car in Scotland would run about $10k here. Just not worth it.

Well, it’s now 5:30 AM and my blood sugars feel more normal. Back to bed for me.

Cheers all.

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