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Nora’s science teacher called today to annoy us about making sure to sign ALL of her homework or she wouldn’t get credit for her assignments. Even if she’s done them. Annoying to say the least.

This same teacher is a fervent believer in Global Warming and “Saving the Environment”. So far I’ve successfully kept my mouth shut and haven’t contradicted any of her teachings, at least not until the girls are at home and we can discuss things.

Well, Miss annoying annoyed me to day. One of the things she called us about on a Saturday was to make sure Nora was working on her “Alternative Energy” project. She’s in the 4th grade. Do you really need to call and check whether she was working on her project on a Saturday? She wasn’t, but that’s besides the matter. Now however, I have decided to help Nora with her project. Ya, I know. This is going to end badly. (-;

We’ve decided that the alternative energy isn’t going to be something as inefficient as wind, or solar. No, we’re going to do the project on something with some real possibility. Nuclear power! Yep, we’re going to do her project on different nuclear reactors and how carbon neutral they are. (-;  How, unlike wind, they don’t kill migrating bird populations. I cannot wait to see this woman’s face when Nora turns in her project.

Hahahahahahaha…. Evil laugh! I love messing with the tree hugger crowd.

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