Believe it or not I am seriously considering a new career. And yes, it’s in a different state. So much for not moving for 5+ years.

If all goes as we think it might, I would finish off a year or two here at Fleet before moving on. So, this isn’t a sudden jump up and go kind of thing. We’ll have plenty of time to work through the good and bad. Make some plans and do it in a more coordinated fashion.

I never thought I would leave the computer field, but the longer I do it the less excitement and challenge it is and the more work it becomes. The fun is pretty much faded at this point. If you think I’m crazy, you try working at a government facility for a while. So, when this opportunity was put before me I didn’t immediately say no. I said I’d think about it.

Now the more we talk about it, the more viable it seems. Just because I’ve made a career out of supercomputers, and it pays pretty well. It doesn’t mean I can’t change. Things are really in the vapor phase at this point, but it’s possible that things could harden into reality.

A partner/co-owner in a 30 year old business. It has peaked my interest.

Where’s the fortune cookie when you need it?