Everyone knows that living in Monterey is expensive. Rent is outrageous to begin with. Then you find out about the hidden costs.  Those fun surprise costs that drive up the total cost to live here and leave you as broke as they can make you.

Hidden cost #1. Water.

Because local politics won’t let a desalination plant be built the cost of water in the area has been held at an artificially high rate.

Family of 5 in a 3 bedroom house. Monthly water bill. $200.  $137 of which is for water, the rest is fees.

  • $14.76 Service charge. no other explanation.
  • $4.58 Pension Surcharge. Huh??
  • $15.72 Coastal Water Project Surcharge #1. #1? What?
  • $1.34 Carmel River Dam Surcharge.
  • $.38 Forest Lake Tank #3 Surcharge
  • $8.50 Pacific Grove City Fee
  • $.17 Pacific Grove License Fee
  • $14.14 Monterey Peninsula Water Management Fee
  • $2.55 PUC Surcharge. ?? No idea
  • $3.40 Pacific Grove Franchise Fee. ??

Total Fees BEFORE the cost of actual water? $65.48 a month.

SURPRISE! Plus you now have to pay the criminally high rates for the actual water.