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We were surprised today by an announcement that there would be a question and answer session in the conference room with Nobel Laureate Dr. John Nash. Dr Nash became famous to most people outside of academia through the movie “A Beautiful Mind” which was loosely based on his life.

Dr. Nash is now 80 years old and, as may be expected, a bit of an introvert. He was diagnosed as a Paranoid Schizophrenic back in 1959 and has been hospitalized multiple times for the disease. He takes no medication for the condition and just uses his intellect to keep the paranoia and delusions at bay.

It was very interesting to hear him speak. When asked about the stimulus plan his response was

The government needs to be seen to do something. It needs to have the appearance of knowing how to solve the problem. Just the appearance of knowing how to solve it will improve the perspective of the American public. Which will help improve the economy. So, they can’t do nothing, they must appear to be doing something. Which will help.

After hearing folks ask questions about the economy, his mental illness, the movie, wall street algorithms, etc I decided to ask him what interested him now. After years of pursuing Differential Equations, game theories, economics, what did he find interesting now? He now likes to read about other sciences, especially Astronomy.

I spoke with my buddy Darrin back in Tennesee today. He was out looking for aftermarket parts for his new toy. A 2009 Yamaha R1 in Red and White.

Toys toys toys!!!

2009 Yamaha R1

2009 Yamaha R1

I found this pic on the Yamaha site. I am droolin!

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