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Note to self. Valentines Day is February 14th. NOT the 15th. Don’t get this wrong. Again.

Don’t ask.

A tad bid of trivia about this years AT&T’s Golf tournament in Pebble Beach. The AT&T is filled with celebrities and professional golfers and normally brings a pretty good crowd.

Well, between the bad economy, the bad weather (Lot’s of wind and rain), and the draconian rules put on the crowd (only allowed to enter on official buses, no cameras, no cell phones, possibly searched before allowed on bus, etc etc.). The attendance this year has been pretty low.

The volunteers however have come out in good numbers. In fact, the other day they had enough volunteers to fill all the needed slots, so they made the rest stand in strategic, photogenic, locations around the course so that when the TV camera’s panned they would see people watching. They actually used the volunteers this year as crowd fillers. Go figure.

Another side note. One of the people we know here is a waiter at a local restaurant. Well, Bill Murry came in with a dozen close friends at about 10:30 at night. A half hour before closing. Well, he wanted dinner and drinks for everyone. The restaurant stayed open late just for him. Turns out he’s a pretty cool guy.  Friendly and personable. That and it didn’t hurt that he tipped really really well.  Go Bill!

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