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Roberta and I went up to Santa Cruz today to check out a bluegrass get together at the Oceanview Park. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, so had the rain. No bluegrass, but we were in Santa Cruz and so decided to wander around a bit. We ended up in a bookstore from the planet “New Age”, or maybe the planet “mysticism”. One of those.

Then we wandered over to a tiny little music store that was open. Turns out it’s owned by Kurt Heisig. A big time Sax and Flute maker. We ended up chatting with him for about 15 minutes or so.

With our stomaches rumbling we hit this small mexican place that seemed interesting. The lady behind the counter was maybe 5ft tall and slim. Seemed nice enough. We both ordered the beef burritos and sat down to eat. It’s about this time that we started noticing all of the boxing memorabilia. Mostly womens boxing. Looking at the waitress, looking at the posters, waitress, posters…. Yep. Carina Moreno. 4 time world champion female boxer. Another link about her. Here’s a boxing quote “Arguably the best women’s boxer in the world, Watsonville, Calif.’s Carina Moreno” and SHE was our server. Turns out her family owns the restaurant and she helps out.


Carina Moreno

Carina Moreno

Needless to say. I doubt the restaurant has EVER been robbed.

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