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For those of you who have had automatic watering systems in their yards for years can probably ignore this post.

In our new house here in Asilomar/Pacific Grove there is a watering system in the yard. I figured it was broken because it was unplugged and non functional. Well today I decided to play with it. And what do you know, it works. How cool is that? Plugging it in was a moment of faith. The plug has been out in the weather for a while and is just slightly worse for wear.

I plugged it in, opened the control panel and started to dink around. It turns out that zone 1 is the front yard, zone 2 is the side yard and zone 3 is the back yard. I think zone 4 is a mythical land somewhere in Narnia. 🙂 Oh, and as a hint. Warn the children playing in the yard before you try to figure out what zone works where. They start hollering and complaining when the sprinklers all around them pop up and start spraying. I’m so mean.

I’ve programmed the sprinklers to go off tomorrow morning at 5 am for 10 minutes in all three zones. It’ll be cool to see if it works properly.

TOYS!!!! Ya gotta love toys.

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