We have a new truck. It’s a 2007 Dodge Ram SLT 4×4 truck. It’s a beauty. And yes it has a Hemi. 5.7 Litre Hemi. 345 horse 390 lbs of torqe. It scoots! I’ve never owned a truck with so much get up and go. And comfortable to drive, it’s a dream.

2007 Dodge Ram SLT 4x4 Big Horn

2007 Dodge Ram SLT 4x4 Big Horn

It has the Multi Displacement Engine that shuts off 4 cylinders during light freeway driving which gives us about 20-22 mpg on the freeway. One interesting thing I found was that if you don’t hold the key long enough to start the truck the computer takes over and keeps the starter going till the truck starts. It’s kind of sureal. Then it uses compression braking to slow the truck when the cruise control is on. Which is pretty cool.

Only down side is that if you’re in the rain, well, you better only use the first 1/3 of the gas pedal. It’s either that or prepare to do a loop de do.  (-;

Actually, I’ve been told that it’s NOT our truck. It’s Roberta’s truck and she will let me drive it on occassion if I’m good.