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I saw Santa this morning.

On my way to work this morning I passed a guy at a stop sign dressed as Santa and driving a new car with a big red bow on it. And here I thought that kind of thing only happened in commercials.

Pretty cool gift.

I know I know. It’s not Butte Montana cold, or even Seattle Cold, which just had a good snowing. But for Monterey it’s cold. It’s going to get down into the mid 30’s by the end of the week. Which brings me to this posting.

We woke up this morning and the 1950’s style furnace in the main part of the house has died. It’s the old kind that sits in the floor. In fact it’s a Custom-Aire G250, whatever that means. I could smell a bit of gas coming from it so I figured it was just the pilot light. No big deal right? Wrong. Trying to get at the pilot light from the top seems to be impossible and getting to it under the house means climbing through the crawl space the length of the house. Not a  fun prospect.

So, I called PG&E, you know the thieves that charge you an arm and a leg to keep electricity and gas going in your house.  Like you have a choice in thieves to choose from. After being on hold for just shy of 20 minutes they said they would send someone out to work on the furnace. Would Tuesday the 23rd morning or afternoon work best? 6 days out. That’s the earliest they would send someone out. Worthless, absolutely worthless. They have no problem ripping you off, but try to get anything back, that isn’t going to happen.

Then while trying to arrange a plumber to come out at $85 an hour to work on it PG&E decides to call me with an automated survey, on my cell phone. Oh are they lucky I didn’t have time to tell em what I really thought of their service.

So, now I’m waiting for the folks from Waltum Plumbing to show up and see if they can figure out what happened with our heat. Hopefully it’s not something too ugly.

Just got called by Roberta. The furnace is fixed! Pilot light had blown out. Was turned down low I guess and had just gone out. Now we also know how to light it. There is a small hole at the top of the furnace that you use a long wire with a lit piece of paper attached to shove all the way down and light the pilot light.

We have HEAT!

Hey PG&E, bite me! You useless thieves.

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