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I’ve been staying with Lynn and Chuck and using their internet. Their slow, painful internet. I ran a couple of broadband speed checks and strangely their download speed was half of the upload speed. 300kbs vs 700kbs. According to several different speed checks. I thought this was really strange. So, today I got tired of it and tried to fix.

Got onto AT&T’s less than helpful chat system and asked tech support what was up. Was told it was probably a Halogen light near the modem or some other Electromagnetic interference. Assured the tech support person that this was not the case, lots of clearance around the modem. Went through a couple of other things and then told me it was either the phone lines or the modem and then hung up on me. Seriously. The putz actually disconnected.

So, I decided to screw around with the router. Never a good idea for a tech head to screw with things. It only took me about 30 minutes before we no longer had internet connectivity. Damn AT&T and their authentication crap. Or should I say, oops.

About 45 minutes on the phone with the even more less than helpfull AT&T phone support people before finally getting the password reset so the internet worked again. And lo and behold, we now have 5mb connection speed. huh???

So much for the putz being right about bad phone lines. It was AT&T the whole time. Once the system was reset in their servers, BOOM! High speed internet again. Go figure.

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