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I drove down to Spreckles, a small town outside of Salinas, and met with Mimi our new landlord and signed the lease paperwork. We spoke about the house, neighborhood, etc. She told me about our new neighbors behind us, Tom and Monica, Tom’s a teacher and Monica a substitute teacher. I thought I would swing by the house later in the day and introduce myself. They sounded like a nice couple. I was told they missed the young twin boys that used to live in the house and I joked they would have to get used to twin girls now, and a teenager.

I headed back to Lynn and Chucks to grab some lunch and while I was there I saw a great set of headboard and footboards for sale. Twin size matching sets for $60, brand new. Wow. Called the lady, yep she still had em, so I told her I would be over shortly. I then grabbed Chuck’s truck and headed over to Carmel. Carmel is a beautiful little town on the other side of Pebble Beach. Carmel by the Sea, California. I buy the beds and I’m chatting with the lady telling her I just moved back from Scotland and these will be perfect for my twins.

Just as I’m lifting the first one up into the back of the truck some guy sticks his head out of the garage and says “Hello, I’m going to be your neighbor.” Huh? I ask him if he’s moving to Pacific Grove also, even though I never mentioned where the house was, that was my first thought. He says “No, I’m your neighbor. Mimi told us about you and there can only be one family like yours. My name is Tom.” Yep, sure enough, it was my new neighbor Tom and his wife Monica visiting friends in Carmel.

So, what are the odds of my meeting my new neighbor at a quiet house in the next town over the day I sign my lease paperwork? And I didn’t even mention that Lynn and Chuck purchased a bunch of wooden toys from the twin boys that moved out. They bought them for their grandkids to play with. Only realizing the locality after I took them over to show them the place.

It’s a small town.

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