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Well, hard to believe but my day got even worse. It seemed to get better, then the shoe dropped. I had applied for a house down in Carmel. It’s in a good school area and decently priced. Only, need quotes around the only, $2300 a month for a small 3 bedroom 2 bath, about 1500 square feet. The price goes up to $2500 a month in July, the current tenant is trying to get out of his lease and is willing to pay $200 a month towards the rent.  So, $2300 a month until then.

I get a call from the property management company, after some hoop jumping we get approved for the house. Available on the 10th. Whoo hoo, now we can start making plans to get the girls down here. I then start going over the particulars with the realtor. First months rent $2300, security deposit $2300, pet deposit $2300. Uhm, wait a minute. $2300 pet deposit? Seriously??? Yep, they wanted $4600 for a deposit PLUS the first months rent. This doesn’t include setting up gas, power, phone, etc. Never mind that Christmas is only weeks away. 2 months rent for a deposit plus the first months rent. When I showed disbelief I was told, “That’s what the market can bear.”

So. I’m off looking for a different house, and I’m out another $25 in fees. Am I having fun yet?

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