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It’s Monday morning at FNMOC. Time for my first rant at working with the Navy. It seems the Navy has no standards at all for whom they let be security. I arrive at work a few minutes after 7 driving Chuck’s 55 wagon, which I’ve driven all last week. Well this morning instead of having one of the normal guards at the gate they have a NPS Guard, a bald little bastard. With a need to flaunt what little power he’s been given. This morning he decides he wants to screw with someone, that someone unfortunately being me.

License, Registration, Insurance, blah blah blah. I hand it over, he tells me to pull over because my registration is expired and I need to find the valid one. Unfortunately, after 10 minutes of digging I can’t find it, it’s because stupid little idiot had it the whole time. I get my paperwork back from him and pull off post to park on the street, tempted to just go home and tell em to kiss my butt and take today off.  Realize genius bald moron had the valid registration the whole time! Drive back into the post, get told to pull over again while he learns to write a parking pass, this takes another 15 minutes before he gets he head far enough out of his tail to finish 2 minutes of work. Get my pass and park.

Total time wasted by Napoleon wannabe at the gate? 25 minutes.

Okay, enough rant for one morning.

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