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Chuck's 55 Blue BelAir

Chuck's 55 Blue BelAir

I’ve been driving Chucks 55 Chevy wagon the last week. Well this morning he asked if I would take the BelAir instead. Also a 55. Wants both driven on occassion. So being the good guy I am I agreed to drive his 55. It’s a rough life, but someone has to live it. (-;


I was somewhat sad today because I spent Thanksgiving away from my wife and girls. I’m still in Monterey working and looking for a house while they are up in Montana staying with Roberta’s mom and visiting her family. Having a holiday alone, without my wife and kids, is a bit rough.

I’ve been staying with our good friends Lynn and Chuck and went with them to Thanksgiving dinner over at Lynn’s folk’s house. A big family get together. It was nice being invited and being allowed into their group. Lynn and Chuck are really good folk.

We headed back to their house at around 4pm and as we pulled up we saw an Ambulance in front of Alan and Monica’s house. Alans folks are here visiting from Kentucky. Our hearts dropped. Then as we pulled around the corner onto our road we saw 3 police cars and a couple of very well armed policemen, oh crap, what happended? Well, as it turned out Alan’s folks were okay which was a great relief. It turns out that the neighbor across the street had a psychotic episode, he’s a freak to begin with. Got drunk, really drunk, threatened the wife and kid, then when the cops arrived he told them they could have 2 of his guns but that they would never find the third. He then proceeded to run into the house and barracade himself into one of the rooms. He then set off a grenade style simulator which everyone, including his 9 year old daughter, assumed was a bullet to his own head. Needless to say, when we drove up, the shit had truly hit the fan.

We ended up with the daughter in Lynn and Chucks house where we fed her some left over Turkey, stuffing and goodies and then played the WII for an hour or so while they loaded up dumbshit and took him to the hospital for evaluation. Not sure if he’s getting out any time soon or not. Personally I hope not. What a crappy thing to do to a family, ignoring the fact that it was Thanksgiving. Some people are just unfit to be human, let alone parents.

So, I’m very glad that my wife and girls are with family up in Montana. I may not be with them, but at least I know they are safe and with people that care about them. Like I said, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself because I wasn’t with my girls, but in the grand scheme of things. I’m an extremely lucky person. I have a family that is safe and wonderful friends that are here with me and willing to share their Thanksgiving.

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