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Well, I’ve been running around the last two and a half days trying to find a house in Pacific Grove, Carmel, Carmel Valley, or Pebble Beach. Problem with looking for a house in Paradise is that no one wants to leave once they are here. There are a few 3 bedroom places, not cheap, but I’ll find the right one soon. It’s out there, I know it is.

I start work at Fleet this morning. Back to the old 9 to 5 again. Poor me, I have to go work on my computers. No digging ditches, working in the rain and cold, washing mud off heavy equipment, etc etc. All of which I have done in the past. I go sit in a warm office with a view of Monterey Bay and play on computers, drink coffee, chat with other computer geeks, etc. It’s a rough life. (-:

I still cannot put up any pictures due to the fact, being a certified genius (or was that a certified idiot? I get them confused. Oh wait, maybe it’s I’m just certifiable. hmmm), anyhow I left my camera cable in with Roberta’s things in Montana. Oh well. I will get my new company laptop today, so I can quit hogging Lynn’s computer. Maybe I can duct tape a solution together and get the pictures off the camera. That is until the battery goes dead, the charger is in Montana also.  )-:

Well. It’s work time so I’m off for some fun in the sun.


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