Well, I made it down to Super Computing 08 here in Austin Texas. I arrived late Tuesday afternoon after a couple of boring flights with the exact same number of successful take off’s and landings. Which is how it should be. Roberta and the girls dropped me off at SeaTac airport at 6am and I headed for Texas and they headed for Montana. It was a race. They drove, I flew, I won. (-: It takes about 12 hours to drive from Seattle to Butte, MT. It took about 8 hours to fly from Seattle to San Francisco to Austin with layovers.

The conference has been good so far. I’ve seen many old coworkers and friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time. Caught up on some of the interesting things happening in the world of HPC.  Met some of the new movers and shakers and met some of the old guard. Today I’ll take the camera and play tourist. I probably won’t get a chance to update the web until after I get to Monterey this weekend. 

The two second update on Supercomputing this year is. Iterative growth in a lot of products, but very little revolutionary innovation. Smaller, faster, evolution style changes, and more clusters. If clusters are removed from Supercomputing it would be a very very small conference. That sums up about 80% of Supercomputing this year. I’ll continue to look for the revolutionary stuff, but I’m not holding my breath. Still, it’s a good conference, Austin is a nice town to hold it in. It’s amazing to think that this conference has been taking place for 25 years now. I’ve been lucky enough to attend the last 4.

Next year SC09 will be held in Portland Oregon. Should be another good venue. (FYI, Reno sucked for SC07) 

This weeks goal has been, and still is, get started with SAIC (my new company), fly to Austin, attend SC08, fly to Monterey, find house, start work. No stress, no worries, no hurries. So far so good, a few hiccups getting my time cards to work with the computerized system at SAIC, no big deal. Other than that, all is going forward as expected.