One of the things I’ll really miss about leaving Scotland will be my Thursday night music nights. I’ve gotten into the habit of walking up to the Dean Tavern after dinner on Thursdays and joining with the Nitten Folk Club for a few hours of music and fun.

The Nitten Folk Club works more as a sing around than a jam session. We inhabit a back room of the Dean, an old dance floor, set up the tables in a large square. Ian kicks off the night with a bang of the gavel and asks for a volunteer to start. With a flip of a coin we go clockwise or anti clockwise. Don’t expect any one style of music. On a typical night you can here Scottish folk, musical themes, American, Maritime, Blues, etc etc. A few songs from last nights session.

So, if you’re ever in Newtongrange Scotland on a Thursday night, go visit some really good folk and have a grand time. Tell the folks there hello, grab a beer, and join in on a night of fun.

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