I took a brief trip to the states this weekend. Flew to the states on Thursday and back on Sunday. International travel is supposed to be a grand adventure. Not! I don’t know about anyone else, but sleeping on a plane is almost impossible for me. Too uncomfortable.

Day 1.

    7am. Get kids up and ready for school
    9am. Back from dropping kids off. Get some breakfast.
    10am. Head for airport.
    1pm. Get on plane in Edinburgh and head for Newark New Jersey.
    9pm (4pm EDT). Arrive in Newark.
    1am (9pm EDT). Finally head for Knoxville. Wind delays.
    3:45am (11:45pm EDT) Arrive Knoxville. Get car 15 minutes before Budget closes for the night. Leave only blood glucose meter on plane in back pocket of seat.
    5am (1am EDT) Arrive Oak Ridge, get into hotel, take shoes off. Iron clothes for tomorrow. Drink beer and crash.

Total Day. 22 hours.

Day 2. (Switch to EDT for simplicity)

    Awake at 4:30am, 5am, 5:45, 6:00.
    6:15am. Finally decide to get up. 5 hours of sleep total.
    Busy day. 9 interviews and a 220 mile drive to Clarksville, TN.
    3:00am. Go to bed.

Total Day. 21 hours.

Day 3.

    Up at 9am. 6 hours of sleep.
    Spend the day wandering around Clarksville and seeing old friends.
    12:30 am. Go to bed.

Total Day. 15 1/2 hours.

Day 4.

    5:00 am. Pack, shower, grab coffee.
    220 mile drive to Knoxville, TN.
    11:30 am. Check into airport.
    1:30 pm. Roll out onto tarmac and stop.
    Wind delay in Newark. Plane won’t leave til 2:54pm. Male passenger starts yelling at stewardis. Female (New Yorker) starts yelling at male passenger. Things get ugly. Plane goes back to terminal. Cops arrive, take statements, male passenger not seen again, mouthy New York female still on board. Plane rolls back onto tarmac and we finally fly out at 2:55pm for Newark, NJ.
    5:00 pm. Arrive Newark NJ.
    8:00 pm. Take off for Edinburgh.
    2:30 am. (7:30 am GDT) Arrive in Edinburgh.
    4:00 am. (9:00 am GDT) Arrive home.

Total Day. 23 hours.