A short background. Megan has been attending the school over in Dalkeith since we moved here. This school is about 7-8 miles away or so. The reason she attends Dalkeith High is that it wasn’t till after we had moved into our house that we discovered the local school Newbattle High is actually a Prison Prep school. It isn’t a place you want your child to go to if you can avoid it. In fact, we’ve had a family meeting and Megan will go back to the states to live with family before she goes there.

So, we worked out that Megan would go to the next town over and attend school there. The high school there isn’t the top of the line, but it’s a decent school. The school campus actually has 3 schools on it. Dalkeith High, St. Davids Catholic school, and a special needs school. Since we are outside of the catchment area we had to find our own way to get Megan there and home. Well, one of the options was that she could ride the St. Davids bus as long as there was room. So we signed her up, she got her bus pass and for the last 7 months things have been fine.

On Wednesday as I was getting ready to run the twins to school, (I was running late), Megan called and said the bus driver wouldn’t let her on the bus and that she was up in downtown Newtongrange and what should she do? The bus driver just left her there.

Told her to walk home and I’d give her a ride and straighten it out. Well, typical fashion here in the UK. Bureacracy strikes. Since she is going to Dalkeith not St. Davids she has to get another new bus pass, called a grace pass, to ride the St. Davids bus. Oh, and those won’t be given out until the middle to end of October. Surprise! So, the kids have to figure out how to make their own ways to school until then.

For Megan this means a 15 minute walk to the public bus stop, catch the 86 bus to Dalkeith, 20 minutes or so, and then another 30 minute or so walk to the school. Coming home the same. Other option is a 15 minute walk to the bus stop. Catch 3 different public buses and then a 10 minute walk to school.

Any way we look at it she now has an hour + commute to and from school. I can drop her off in the mornings, only 45 minutes early, but she has to take the commuter home. Today’s her first day. Needless to say she’s not too happy about it. Then again neither are we.