A very good friend of mine just went through Hurricane Ike. This was the man who jumped on an airplane as Katrina hit the coast, flew from San Diego to Texas. Rented a truck, drove it to Costco, filled it with supplies and then drove into the heart of hell to help us out. Now he’s in the thick of it himself. I just was forwarded this email message. Wish I could be there to help you this time.

All, thanks for the offers of help and concern.

My family and I safely made it through Ike, without any significant damage to home. We don’t have power, (went out about 6pm Friday afternoon), and are now up on a generator (thanks boss for pushing the correct buttons!) and won’t have it from anywhere from one to several weeks. If you’ve seen the news, the area is short on fuel, but as power is restored, the availability increases, same with grocery stores. I had stocked up on ice, supplies, food, etc, after learning a few lessons from Katrina and Rita.

Cell phones still don’t work, but for some reason text messaging does. However, I’m text’ing impaired and its a slow process to text anything more than a short message. The good news is, the wireless broadband network came back today. There are multiple utility lines laying on the ground in my back yard, I’ve thought about tapping into them, but having second thoughts (however, wife has encouraged me to go for it.. right after she asked me to up my policy payout).

Also, the weather has cooled off, making it bearable to live without air conditioning.. (Kirt, A/C is that thing that makes the air colder inside the house, which I know is a strange concept )

Steve and Jay, a sincere thanks for the offer for relief, I think I’ll make it, unless you’re driving a tanker truck loaded with fuel. In that case, don’t stop, because it’ll get emptied enroute as you reach the hurricane zone. Its great to know you have folks looking out for you! Boss, thanks again for making the magic happen that put the lights back on, through IBM’s emergency assistance for employees, my family and I appreciate the relief it brings.

I made it through unscathed, but as the news reports, there are so many who can’t say the same. At this time, there are still 1.5M+ folks that are without power. Others without water, food, other basic essentials, inhabitable homes, or basic shelter. I feel blessed to have been spared injury and property damage, and humbled to see how my neighbors handle the losses with steadfast determination.

Again, to all who were checking up on me, Thank you so much,


It’s good to hear you’re safe.