You know your friends are nerdier than you when you get a response to an email from a buddy like I did. I was lamenting the troubles I had gone through to figure out a inner/outer loop performance bug. Pretty tame stuff really. And this was part of his reply.

…i’ve been porting a 3rd order finite difference equation w/ a 2D time decomposition to the Nvidia CUDA platform… talk about making your head spin.  Not to mention that I’m porting *from* F90 to *to* C!!!


Yes, it’s true, I have friends that nerdy! Makes all my shenanigans look tame in comparison.  And now for the really scary part. He’s doing this on the side and, wait for it, yep “for fun!”


As you can guess, he’s not a


Then again, ya never know. I do know that I’m going to be owing him a few beers at SC08 after posting this. (-;